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We sit down with two of our fave beauty gurus unscripted and completely au naturale.

Peace is a Bridal makeup artist who has carved her niche in the beauty industry for sweet, flawless and fresh looks with a statement eyeshadow technique that leaves us swooning. She leads a team of other makeup artists resident at her beauty studio.

Layefa is also a renowned makeup artist based in Lagos Nigeria and a Beauty YouTuber.

They share fun friendship moments in this quick video and also a few of their favourite beauty tips.


5 Life Changing Concealer Hacks from our Fave YouTubers

We gathered the best tips and tricks from our favourite beauty Youtubers so you can get the best use out of your concealer. Here are the 5 best tricks we picked up.

1) Always start with an eye cream or a good moisturizer for your under-eye area before using a concealer. Not only will it make it easier for you to work the concealer around that area, it brightens and reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Also, you don’t want your under-eye area looking ashy after you bake. So, stay moisturized! – Wayne Goss

2) Highlight twice with concealer under the eyes for that extra WOW factor! We learnt from the best MakeupShayla, no wonder her face looks so sealed. Layer on concealer twice to get that extra look. Just be sure your blending game is on fleek – Makeup Shayla

3) Leave on your concealer for 2-3 mins so it gets tacky and thick enough, what this does is gives you an even fuller coverage and once the concealer is thick , it won’t crease and settle into fine lines easily –Jackie Aina

4) Mix some liquid illuminator in your concealer! Yes, put a dot of liquid illuminator. This further brightens the areas you are highlighting and gives you that glow from within. –Desi Perkins

5) This last one is our fave because did you know you could use your concealer to create the perfect nude lipstick! If you’ve been struggling to get that perfect shade of brownish nude, just reach for you concealer. You can also get a good orange lipstick out of your orange color corrector as well. – Bisa

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